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European Universities Alliances Expanding and Thriving

We are excited to share a major update regarding European Universities alliances across the EU! Erasmus Plus has just announced the successful applicants to their recent call, highlighting the growth and development of this groundbreaking initiative.

Under the 2021-2027 Erasmus+ programme, a record-breaking budget of €402.2 million has been allocated to support existing European Universities alliances. These alliances, which already foster collaboration among higher education institutions, will now be able to consolidate and expand their cooperation with the inclusion of over 50 additional institutions. Moreover, several new alliances will have the opportunity to embark on their cooperative journey.

This impressive budget includes €3.2 million from the Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA III) to support the involvement of higher education institutions from Western Balkan countries not yet associated with the Erasmus+ programme, allowing them to participate as full partners.

50 European Universities Alliances

The 50 alliances comprise higher education institutions located in European capital cities and remote regions across 35 countries. These countries include all EU Member States, as well as Iceland, the Republic of North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Türkiye, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

With nearly 1,700 associated partners ranging from NGOs, enterprises, cities, to local and regional authorities, the European Universities alliances have the potential to drive change and foster innovation in Europe’s various regions.

In a significant expansion of collaboration, higher education institutions from the Western Balkans not associated with the Erasmus+ programme, such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, have joined the initiative. Additionally, as in the previous year, alliances have opened their doors to higher education institutions from Bologna Process countries as associated partners. In the latest call, close to 30 institutions from Ukraine have joined the alliances.

More European Universities in 2024

Looking ahead, the Commission plans to release the next Erasmus+ call for proposals in autumn 2024, aiming to achieve the European strategy’s goal of expanding to 60 European Universities by mid-2024.

Over time, the European Universities alliances will continue to connect faculties, departments, staff, and students, offering innovative pedagogies based on challenge-based and transdisciplinary approaches. They will implement joint programs, foster inclusivity, and actively engage with their communities, further propelling Europe’s higher education landscape.

Stay tuned for more updates on this remarkable journey of collaboration and transformation!

Read more information about it at: https://education.ec.europa.eu/news/european-universities-2023-call-results