Within the framework of the EXPER project, the main objective of work package one (WP1. Regional ecosystems assessment and cooperation models) is to assess regional ecosystems of the HEI widening partners (ULPGC and UAC) to identify barriers at institutional/regional and national level, which could hamper HEIs’ potential role as driver of regional development and competitiveness.

The European University Alliances (EUA) Best Practices Catalogue presents a comprehensive overview of valuable insights derived from existing EUA, focusing on the integration of research, innovation, education, and training dimensions.

One of the capital objectives of the EXPER project consists of fostering and catalyzing the transformation of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) and the University of the Azores (Portugal), through capacity-building activities and international cooperation with the leading Universities of Rostock University (Germany) and Calabria University (Italy). In this regard, the activities carried out in the first twelve months of project implementation (October 2022 to September 2023) have focused on WP1 Regional ecosystems assessment and cooperation models and WP2 Co-designing modernization with surrounding ecosystems.

This report constitutes the deliverable “D7.2 Project Website” of the EXPER project. This is one of four deliverables associated with Work Package (WP) 7 “Dissemination”. The document has been prepared by Consulta Europa and reviewed by the project Steering Committee (SC).

A suite of promotional materials has been developed by Consulta Europa (CE) and it will be used as part of the EXPER project’s dissemination and communication activities to bring additional awareness to both the initiative and the results achieved throughout the project. This document covers the initial set of promotional materials prepared to propagate and raise awareness with stakeholders and end-users as the visual communication actions planned for EXPER by M6 and more can be created according to throughout the duration of the project. The development of these materials is one of the four deliverables associated with Work Package Seven (WP7) on Dissemination, highlighting the importance the project places on effective communication and outreach efforts.