Introducing EXPER

EXPER – ‘Excellent peripheries for a strong European Research Area’ is a Coordination and Support Action financed by Horizon Europe. It aims at the institutional transformation of two universities from EU Outermost Regions – the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) and University of Azores (Azores, Portugal). Both universities will learn through capacity building and international cooperation from the leading Universities of Rostock (Germany) and Calabria (Italy).

Supporting research and innovation excellence

The ultimate purpose of the EXPER project is to enhance the scientific excellence and innovation capacity of the partnering universities and their role as drivers of economic and social transformation in their territories, with a focus on research fields addressing challenges and opportunities offered by the green, blue and circular economy.


From Oct. 22 to Mar. 25






Grant Agreement Number:

Funding Scheme Horizon Europe:
HORIZON-WIDERA: Widening participation and strengthening the European Research Area

Total Budget:
€ 1 975 312.50

EU Financial Contribution:

Start Date:
October 2022

30 months

University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria



Social media

5 hours ago

🎯Calling all Gran Canaria secondary students! The ULPGC and Consulta Europa want to hear YOUR voice! ️👏Do you have ideas about how universities can be greener, more innovative, and better prepare students for the future?👉Then participate in the "The University We Want" essay call. This is your chance to share your vision!‼️Deadline: July 2024. ️🔗Learn more and apply:exper-project.eu/ulpgc-and-ce-team-promote-the-university-we-want-essay-call-to-gran-canaria-stud...#TheUniversityWeWant #GreenEconomy #BlueEconomy #Science #Canarias #Spain #EXPEREU ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Happy Europe Day! 🎉 🌍Today, we celebrate our shared heritage and innovations that shape Europe's vibrant identity. 💡Explore the EXPER project at www.exper-project.eu. Discover how partnering universities are driving economic and social transformation in green, blue, and circular economy research field#EuropeDayp#EXPEREUPEREU ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

🎉Call for Applications: CLAB-ULPGC Project Join us in bringing the innovative Contamination Lab model to ULPGC shores in partnership with the University of Calabria as part of the EXPER project! 🚀 🎯Tailored for all students and graduates, CLAB-ULPGC aims to transform knowledge into successful business ideas, with applications open now. 😉Get ready for an entrepreneurial adventure in Italy! Read more at exper-project.eu/exciting-entrepreneurship-and-innovation-opportunity-at-ulpgc-with-the-exper-pro... 📝Stay tuned for application details. Don't miss this chance to shine#EXPEREUP#ULPGCU#clabmodelM#unicalNICAL ... See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

🌴Are you a student in 3º and 4º ESO, 1º and 2º of Bachillerato in the Canary Islands? 📝Join in our Essay Call for secondary students and transform the future! Express yourself about the influence of the blue and circular economy in your community, the importance of research for social progress, and share your vision of the ideal university. Your essay could be the key to inspiring change!⏰Deadline is June 30, 2024. 🌐For more information, visit: www.exper-project.eu/convocatoria-de-ensayos/ #canaryislandsstudents #BlueEconomy #circulareconomy #researchforprogress #idealuniversity #InspireChange -Fundación Canaria Parque Científico Tecnológico de la ULPGC, ULPGC, Consulta Europa ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

🔵Transforming Ideas into Innovation: Join Us for a Game-Changing Training Session!💡"De la Investigación a la Idea" (From Research to Idea), a cutting-edge training session by Atrineo AG under the EXPER Project for research personnel from the ULPGC and other personnel, such as professors interested in attending.✅Dive deep into technology transfer, market-driven strategies, and innovation on June 19-20, 2024 at the Polivalent II Building, Floor 0, Aula de Formación Sala Polivalente 1. FCPCT-ULPGC. Don't miss this chance to build essential skills and transform ideas into impactful solutions!🔗Register now: exper-project.eu/from-research-to-idea-a-training-workshop-by-atrineo-under-the-exper-project/#Innovation #TechnologyTransfer #EXPEREU #ULPGC #TrainingSession ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

🎓 Our very own EXPER project member, Andrea Simeri, from the Università della Calabria (UNICAL), is here to shed light on the innovative UniCaLab!🔍 What is UniCaLab all about? It's a contamination lab project initiated by UNICAL, offering a unique training programme for students and researchers across all disciplines. The primary goal? To foster entrepreneurial mindsets and cultivate a diverse pool of talents.Participants get to immerse themselves in a dynamic environment where they not only gain theoretical knowledge but also engage in practical exercises. Think meetings with industry experts, business challenges, and team-building activities outside the traditional classroom setting!📚 The programme unfolds in different phases:1️⃣ Academy: Featuring lectures, workshops, and challenges proposed by leading companies in the area.2️⃣ Pre-Acceleration: Focused on group work and strongly oriented towards strengthening the development process of business projects.3️⃣ Pitch Session: The culmination of ideas matured in previous phases, presented to an audience of internal and external stakeholders such as business angels, accelerators, and institutions.4️⃣ Acceleration: For the successful project ideas of the Pitch Session.💬 But that's not all! UniCaLab also places emphasis on honing essential soft skills like communication, negotiation, and creative thinking—crucial elements for success in today's competitive landscape.🌍 And the best part? The impact of UniCaLab extends beyond borders! With replicants at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of the Azores through the CLAB Model within the EXPER Project, its influence knows no bounds, enriching educational experiences in the Widening ecosystems.🔗Stay tuned as we unravel more about this initiative and its ripple effects! Visit www.exper-proje#UniCaLabr#EXPEREUi#EducationInnovationa#wideningecosystemse#softskillsdevelopmenti#clabmodelm#researchcollaborationchCLiaison Office - Technology Transfer Office of Università della Calabria della Calabria ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

🔍Discover the latest highlights from the European Research and Innovation Days 2024!🚀Our project members, Tanausú Dávila (Fundación Canaria Parque Científico Tecnológico de la ULPGC) and Víctor Ricardo Martínez (Consulta Europa), represented the EXPER Project at this event, fostering collaborations and driving innovation forward.🔗Dive into the insights and outcomes of #RiDaysEU by reading the full story on our website: exper-project.eu/european-research-and-innovation-days-ri-days-2024-fostering-collaboration-and-a... #EXPEREU #ResearchandInnovation #collaboration #EUprojects #RiDaysEU ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

🚀 The Research Executive Agency gives the nod to the EXPER Project's first deliverables, marking a leap towards transformative change in higher education in the European Widening ecosystems! 🌟 Here are some of the available results:-Azores & Canary Islands Ecosystem Assessment 🏝️-European Universities Best Practices Catalogue 📚-Monitoring & Impact Assessment Report 📊-Project Website Launch 🖥️-Extra Promotional Materials 🎉🔍 Dive deeper into our deliverables and witness the EXPER Project's journey unfold at: exper-project.eu/the-european-commission-approves-the-exper-projects-first-deliverables-paving-th...#EXPEREU #HigherEdInnovation #EuropeanCollaboration ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

🚀Last week, the EXPER Project brought together the ULPGC entrepreneurial community with ICEX in a dynamic colloquium!💡Dive into the insightful dialogue between ULPGC startups and José María Blasco Ruiz, ICEX Director, exploring innovation, internationalisation, and game-changing initiatives.✅Discover how ICEX is opening doors for startups in foreign markets, including the chance for a two-week immersion in tech hubs like San Francisco, Berlin, London, and more! 👉 Read all about it here: exper-project.eu/icex-colloquium-engages-ulpgc-entrepreneurial-ecosystem-through-the-exper-project/#EXPEREU #ULPGC #ICEX #InnovationJourney #GlobalEntrepreneurship ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

🔵The EXPER project, in collaboration with ULPGC, Fundación Canaria Parque Científico Tecnológico de la ULPGC, and Consulta Europa, successfully engaged primary school children in Gran Canaria with activities celebrating the past International Day of Women and Girls in Science.👩‍🔬 The highlight of this educational initiative was the "Científicos y Logros" (Scientists and Achievements) activity, meticulously designed to provide an immersive experience for students from 1st to 6th grade along with the Macaronighteu Project. This initiative unfolded in various schools from February 5th to 7th, impacting four schools and approximately 250 children.🌟 Simultaneously, Consulta Europa, a member of the EXPER Project in synergy with the Athena Equality Project, conducted activities in two primary schools from February 9th to 15th. Motivational talks and interactive sessions inspired approximately 60 children to explore the scientific realm.🃏 One of the engaging activities involved a unique game where students matched scientists with their achievements. The game concluded with the player who successfully paired the most cards declared as the winner.🔗 Read more about these past initiatives and their impact at: exper-project.eu/scientists-and-achievements-celebrating-international-day-of-women-and-girls-in-...🔬Thank you for celebrating the accomplishments of women in science with us! #WomenInScience #EXPEREU #STEMEducation #inspiringyoungminds - ... See MoreSee Less
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