University of Rostock shares expertise with University of the Azores and University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

University of Rostock (UROS), one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious universities, showcased its experiences and best practices during the Staff Exchange sessions held as part of the EXPER project. The exchange took place on July 5th and 6th in Germany, with the participation of University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) and University of Azores (UAc).

First Session

During the first session, personnel from the Widening European Union Ecosystem universities (ULPGC and UAc) visited Germany to learn about best practices in various areas, including European university alliances, joint degree programs, university-driven business incubation, fostering university-industry relations, and innovation competitions for students and researchers.

Second Session

The second session focused on topics such as patents, technology commercialization from universities, European projects, international relations, staff exchanges, and online education platforms, among others.

The EXPER purpose

The Staff Exchange programme provided an invaluable opportunity for ULPGC and UAc personnel to gain insights into successful strategies implemented by UROS. The sharing of experiences and best practices serves as a catalyst for collaboration and continuous improvement in the participating institutions.

The EXPER project aims to enhance the capabilities and competitiveness of Widening Higher Education Institutions by promoting knowledge transfer, talent attraction, and research excellence. Through initiatives like the Staff Exchange programme, the project facilitates international cooperation and the exchange of innovative ideas as well as benefiting students, researchers, and the broader academic community.