EXPER Project Celebrates Successful Workshop on Best Practices from European Universities Alliances

The EXPER project, within the framework of its “Forum of Peripheral Universities,” marked a significant milestone today by hosting a Workshop on Best Practices from European Universities Alliances. This virtual session brought together a diverse and engaged audience, including 81 participants from universities across Europe, representing an exceptional opportunity for mutual learning and the creation of synergies among EU-funded projects.

The workshop’s attendees hailed from countries such as the Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Romania, Malta, Cyprus, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria and the United Kingdom. Their active participation exemplified a collective commitment to advancing European higher education and innovation.

Notable institutions, European Universities Alliances, and projects involved in this collaborative endeavour included the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, University of the Azores, University of Zagreb, Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, MCAST, The Cyprus Institute, University of La Réunion, University of La Laguna, University of Groningen, Rostock University, University of Bucharest, University of Glasgow, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and many others.

The workshop provided a platform to explore best practices from European University Alliances, facilitate knowledge exchange, and enable the forging of valuable connections. Participants delved into strategies and approaches that have proven successful within these alliances, fostering collaboration and innovation in the European higher education landscape.

Among the EU-funded projects and initiatives represented were BETTER Life, EELISA,IPS – E³UDRES² Ent-r-e-Novators, aUPaEU , InnoCORE, SECURE, AeroSTREAM, STARS EU Alliance, CIVIS European University Alliance, and more. These diverse projects showcased their dedication to advancing education, research, and innovation on a European scale.

The EXPER project extends its gratitude to all participants for their active engagement in this dynamic workshop. Their contributions are instrumental in shaping the future of European higher education, fostering research excellence, and promoting regional knowledge and innovation-based development.