ULPGC Advances Individual Strategy Within the EXPER Project

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, November 30, 2023 — Representatives from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) gathered today for a pivotal online workshop, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing EXPER project. This session, conducted as part of the second phase, aimed to solidify the Individual Strategy of ULPGC.

Under the EXPER project framework, the workshop brought together key stakeholders and experts to deliberate on strategies that would propel ULPGC towards its goals. The project, with a focus on fostering innovation, research, and societal impact, is a collaborative initiative shaping the future direction of the university.

The virtual workshop provided a platform for participants to engage in insightful discussions and approvals concerning proposed objectives. Leveraging insights from the initial phase, representatives delved into the analysis and discussion of alternative Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tailored to the unique context and goals of ULPGC.

The workshop’s emphasis on active participation and collaboration underscores ULPGC’s commitment to shaping a dynamic and forward-thinking academic environment. As the university strives to position itself as a hub of excellence, these strategic initiatives are integral to its overarching mission.

This workshop is a crucial step forward in the EXPER project, aligning ULPGC’s trajectory with its broader objectives. The outcomes of today’s deliberations will not only shape the Individual Strategy of ULPGC but will also contribute to the larger framework of the EXPER project, emphasising collaboration, innovation, and the pursuit of academic excellence.

As ULPGC continues to navigate the evolving landscape of higher education, these strategic workshops serve as a testament to the university’s dedication to staying at the forefront of research, innovation, and societal impact. The outcomes of today’s workshop will set the stage for the next phases of the EXPER project, solidifying ULPGC’s position as a leading institution in the realm of academic excellence and innovation.