The European Commission approves the EXPER Project’s first deliverables, paving the way for transformative impact

In a significant step for the EXPER Project, the European Commission has given its stamp of approval to the project’s initial deliverables. The EXPER Project, dedicated to fostering collaboration and innovation in European higher education institutions, has successfully met the standards set by the European Commission.

The approved deliverables include:

1. Deliverable 1.2: Azores and Canary Islands Regional Ecosystem Assessment Report: Under the umbrella of Work Package 1, this report focuses on assessing the regional ecosystems of the HEI widening partners, namely the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) and the University of the Azores (UAC). The aim is to identify barriers at various levels that could potentially impede the universities’ role as drivers of regional development and competitiveness.

2. Deliverable 1.3: European Universities Best Practices Catalogue: This comprehensive catalogue showcases valuable insights derived from existing European University Alliances (EUA), emphasising the integration of research, innovation, education, and training dimensions.

3. Deliverable 6.2 Monitoring and Impact Assessment Report on EXPER Activities v1: This report evaluates the first twelve months of the project’s implementation, focusing on capacity-building activities and international cooperation with leading universities. Key areas include regional ecosystem assessment and cooperation models, as well as co-designing modernization with surrounding ecosystems.

4. Deliverable 7.2: Project Website: As part of Work Package 7 on Dissemination, the project website is a vital tool for sharing information and updates. Developed by Consulta Europa and reviewed by the project steering committee, the website serves as a central hub for the EXPER Project.

5. Deliverable 7.3 Extra Promotional Materials: A suite of promotional materials, created by Consulta Europa, plays a crucial role in disseminating information about the EXPER Project. These materials, designed for effective communication and outreach, highlight the project’s commitment to raising awareness among stakeholders and end-users.

For further details on the approved deliverables and to explore the EXPER Project’s progress, we invite you to visit the official website: EXPER Project Results. Engage with the initiative, stay informed, and join us in shaping the future of European higher education collaboration and innovation.