European Research and Innovation Days (R&I Days) 2024: Fostering Collaboration and Advancement

The fifth edition of the European Commission’s esteemed Research and Innovation Days (#RIDaysEU) concluded yesterday, having provided a pivotal platform for shaping the future of research and innovation in Europe. Held both physically in Brussels and virtually, this event brought together policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and the public to deliberate on Europe’s research and innovation trajectory.

With a thematic focus on sustainability and competitiveness, R&I Days 2024 celebrated four decades of achievements since the inception of the EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme. Participants seized the opportunity to explore successful EU-funded R&I projects, highlighting their significant impact on society and emphasising the necessity of sustained investment in research and innovation.

Notable among the attendees were Víctor Ricardo Martínez and Tanausú Dávila, who represented the EXPER Project. Their active involvement in discussions and networking sessions underscored the project’s dedication to establishing connections and synergies with other EU-funded initiatives.

Throughout the event, participants engaged in multifaceted discussions, encompassing topics such as Horizon Europe, the Strategic Plan 2025–2027, the Green and Digital Transition, the Global Approach, EU Missions, and more. These dialogues served as catalysts for collaborative endeavours aimed at fostering a more sustainable and competitive Europe.

As R&I Days 2024 drew to a close, stakeholders departed with enriched insights, shared best practices, and renewed commitments to driving innovation-led progress in Europe and beyond. Stay tuned for further updates on the outcomes and developments stemming from this dynamic gathering.

For more information and updates, visit the official R&I Days website: R&I Days 2024.