ICEX Colloquium Engages ULPGC Entrepreneurial Ecosystem through the EXPER Project

Startups and businesses within the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) seized the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with José María Blasco Ruiz, Director of Infrastructures, Health, and ICT at ICEX. This event was part of the activities under the EXPER project in the Canary Islands, focusing on the connection with the business environment, knowledge transfer, and spinoffs from Work Package 5 (WP5) and outreach to citizens and organisations from Work Package 7 (WP7).

During the colloquium, José María Blasco shared insights into some of ICEX’s most interesting initiatives in entrepreneurship, innovation, and internationalization. Emphasising support in foreign markets through Spain’s Commercial Offices, commercial missions, participation in international fairs, and the Desafía programme, Blasco highlighted the opportunity for a two-week immersion in various multi-sector destinations such as San Francisco, Berlin, London, Singapore, and novel opportunities in the Nordic countries for sectors like health and cybersecurity on the U.S. West Coast.

ICEX evaluates generic criteria for startup participation, including the promoter team’s profile, traction, market proximity, and scalability potential. Startups interested in participating in any action must register through the ICEX website and contact the Territorial Delegation of ICEX in Las Palmas.

The colloquium, chaired by ULPGC’s Vice-Rector for Research and Transfer, Sebastián López, and led by María José Miranda, Director of Scientific Infrastructures and Relations with Companies at ULPGC, also included the participation of Loreto Taborga, Territorial Director of Commerce and ICEX Delegate in Las Palmas, and María Josefa Padrón, Managing Director of the Canarian Foundation Science and Technology Park of ULPGC, where the colloquium took place on February 21.