EXPER Project Launches its first Newsletter

The Horizon Europe-funded research and innovation action, ‘Excellent peripheries for a strong European Research Area’ (EXPER), has released its first newsletter today! The inaugural newsletter provides readers with an overview of the project’s goals and objectives. It also highlights some of the developments that will take place soon and introduce some of the members of the consortium.

The EXPER project’s first newsletter is an important milestone in its journey towards enhancing the scientific excellence and innovation capacity of the partnering universities. It is an excellent resource for those interested in learning more about the project and its potential impact on the green, blue, and circular economy.

Click here to read the first newsletter: bit.ly/436ukhk

Stay tuned with the project for more and don’t forget to suscribe if you haven’t done it yet! The next newsletter will be launched in September, 2023.

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