University of the Azores participated in the “EU Funding Opportunities: Mission Ocean and BlueInvest” Meeting

The University of the Azores (UAc) took an active part in the “EU funding opportunities: Mission Ocean and BlueInvest” meeting held at NONAGON on July 26th. The event, hosted by NONAGON and INOVA+, facilitated fruitful discussions between European Commission representatives (DG MARE) and regional stakeholders from the Bluegrowth sector.

During the meeting, UAc had the unique opportunity to showcase its Higher Education Institution’s commitment to training and research. Furthermore, they presented an overview of their current ongoing projects in the Sea and Bluegrowth domains, including the prominent EXPER project.

Magdalena Olteanu and Delia Dimitriu, representing the European Commission, shared insightful information on existing opportunities within the Ocean Missions and BlueInvest initiatives. Notably, the participants in the meeting included key stakeholders such as the UAc, CIBIO Azores, Algicel, Escola do Mar dos Azores, Sociedade Conserveira Açoriana, Trisolaris, Lagoa City Council, Lotaçor, CIMPA, Azores ports, and representatives of S3 Azores.

The gathering proved to be highly advantageous for regional Research and Development (R&D) companies, as it provided them with valuable insights into potential funding avenues and collaborative prospects. To conclude the successful meeting, all attendees had the opportunity to visit Algicel, a prominent company in the region.

UAc remains committed to advancing research and innovation in the Sea and Bluegrowth sectors, and their active participation in such meetings further strengthens the region’s position as a hub for marine-oriented research and development.