EXPER Project’s First General Assembly Set to Advance Science, Innovation, and Collaboration

The EXPER project is gearing up for its highly anticipated First General Assembly, scheduled to take place from October 16th to 17th, 2023. During this significant event, the consortium members will converge to delve further into the project’s activities and outline the next steps in pursuit of their shared goals. The assembly will be held at the facilities of the University of the Azores, situated in São Miguel, the largest island in the Portuguese Azores archipelago.

The EXPER project, funded by [funding source], is committed to fostering increased science and innovation capacities for all stakeholders in the Research & Innovation (R&I) system within widening countries. With the ambitious aim of modernising and enhancing the competitiveness of R&I systems in eligible countries, the EXPER project is expected to drive structural changes that attract and retain research talents, promote international collaboration, and boost participation in Horizon Europe initiatives.

The First General Assembly will serve as a crucial platform for all partners to come together, align efforts, and share their progress in preparing the groundwork for transformative changes within the R&I landscape. Through engaging discussions and strategic planning, the assembly aims to strengthen linkages between academia and business, increase career permeability, and empower the Higher Education sector’s role in research and innovation.

Tanausú Dávila, Project Manager of the project, expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming assembly, stating, “We are thrilled to host this milestone event and bring all our partners together to exchange ideas and pave the way for impactful collaborations. The Expected Impacts of the EXPER project serve as our guiding beacon, and we are eager to propel our widening countries towards a more prosperous and competitive future in research and innovation.”

The General Assembly will foster greater involvement of regional actors in the R&I process, forging stronger connections within and beyond national borders. By building a more inclusive and innovative ecosystem, the EXPER project aims to drive positive change that resonates both locally and globally.