From Research to Idea: A Training Workshop by ATRINEO

As part of the ongoing activities within the EXPER Project, a training session titled “De la Investigación a la Idea” (From Research to Idea) is set to take place under task 5.1, focusing on capacity building on technology transfer and market-driven activities. This foundational training on technology and knowledge transfer will be conducted by ATRINEO, a partner of the project, for research personnel from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) and other project personnel, such as professors interested in attending.

The training is scheduled for June 19 and 20, 2024, starting at 9:30 a.m. at the Polivalent II Building, Floor 0, Aula de Formación Sala Polivalente 1. FCPCT-ULPGC.

Day 1 Agenda:

  • Understanding Innovation from Science: Mapping the Road to Innovation
  • Identifying Success Factors in Scientific Innovation
  • Generating Ideas from Market Challenges: The Ideation Challenge
  • Emphasising Market Orientation in Scientific Innovation
  • Prioritising Innovation Opportunities through Market Analysis

Day 2 Agenda:

  • Validating Innovations and Business Opportunities through Market Analysis
  • Essential insights from market analysis
  • Market Definition and Segmentation (including a practical session)
  • Market Sizing (including practical session)
  • Exploring market research sources and methodologies
  • Creating Startups and Fundamentals of Business Models from Scientific Ventures
  • Hands-on Business Model Modelling Session

This comprehensive workshop aims to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to bridge the gap between research and practical applications, fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the EXPER project and beyond.

Registrations are open at: https://forms.gle/xVRh8tryViGXf5VP6

The event is finished.


19 - 20 Jun 2024


09:30 - 17:00


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Edificio Polivalente II - FCPCT-ULPGC, Planta 0, Aula de formación Sala Polivalente 1