Campaign to Define the Vision and the Mission of University of the Azores has been launched

The EXPER project is happy to announce the launch of the campaign to define the vision and the mission of the University of the Azores. The project will be collecting opinions from citizens in a short survey consisting of 6 questions.

The survey will be followed by a workshop that will involve representatives from the University of the Azores, student representatives, business association representatives, and local authorities of the Azores. The aim of the workshop is to build on the survey results and create a comprehensive vision and mission statement for the university.

The EXPER project believes that involving local citizens in the development of the vision and mission of the University of the Azores will provide valuable insights and will help the university better serve the needs of the community.

To participate in the survey and help shape the future of the University of the Azores, visit https://exper-project.eu/campanha-missao-visao/?utm_source=UAC&utm_medium=socialmedia&utm_campaign=missionandvision&utm_id=exper.

The EXPER project is committed to enhancing the capacities of universities in the EU, and the development of the University of the Azores’ vision and mission is an important step towards achieving this goal.