Baseline Workshop Sets the Foundation for the Vision and Mission of the University of the Azores (UAç) within the Framework of the EXPER Project

São Miguel Island, Azores – The University of the Azores (UAç) took a significant step towards shaping its future with the successful completion of the baseline workshop aimed at establishing the university’s vision and mission. The workshop, held today, was conducted under the innovative and collaborative EXPER co-design methodology.

The session commenced with an introduction to the EXPER project, providing participants with an overview of its objectives and significance. The co-design session brought together key stakeholders from various domains, including representatives from the UAç Rectory Team, esteemed professors and researchers, the UAç Academic Association, the UAç Incubator (InUAc), São Miguel Science and Technology Park (NONAGON), Ponta Delgada Chamber of Commerce (CCIPD), and the Regional Directorate from Science and Technology (DRCT).

Throughout the workshop, the participants engaged in fruitful discussions, sharing their valuable insights and perspectives on the future direction of the UAç. The codesign process generated a wealth of inputs and contributions from the diverse stakeholders involved, fostering an inclusive and collaborative approach to defining the university’s vision and mission.

As part of the ongoing engagement with the wider community, an online consultation is currently underway on various social media platforms. This consultation aims to gather additional input and feedback from citizens, further enriching the development of the UAç’s vision and mission. We encourage everyone to participate and share their thoughts and aspirations for the university’s future. Join the conversation at https://bit.ly/3KN53QO

The successful completion of the baseline workshop marks a key step in the EXPER project’s journey towards enhancing the excellence and transformation of the UAç. The insights gained from this collaborative process will inform the development of a robust vision and mission that aligns with the university’s goals and aspirations, empowering it to become a driving force for positive change in the Azores region.